Freeloader Friday: Sweet Crude, Charles Fauna & More

Sweet Crude - Isle Danse le Mer Freeloader FridayWelcome Freeloaders, to another week of your favorite releases. As you slowly climb out of your chocolate coma and strive to keep your flowers in bloom, take a moment to listen to this weeks latest sounds.

Sweet Crude‘s newest track “Isle Dans Le Mer” kicks off our weekend with a joyous French theme song you never knew you were craving. Translated to “Island in the Sea,” this single is a refreshing jaunt on a summer day in a far-away paradise. With a catchy sing-a-long hook and liberating group vocals, Sweet Crude will definitely get you moving with this wildly vivacious track.


Inside BalconyTV’s “Live From the Outside, Vol. 5”

It’s only been six months since we announced the creation of BalconyTV Records, but we’ve got some catching up to do. Born from global live performance video network BalconyTV, the label began by pulling the audio from some of the 15,000 plus live shows they’ve produced and arranging them into sick (and streamable) compilations.

In the spirit of the video channel’s knack for “music with a view” by shooting in beautiful locations worldwide, these comps are aptly named Live From The Outside.


The Orchard Celebrates 20 Years Of Distribution Done Right

20 years UpdatedA monumental year, 2017 marks The Orchard’s 20th anniversary as a pioneer in digital distribution. In the past two decades, The Orchard has worked with wonderful clients and talented artists to release award winning records and films. Through progressive development in licensing, technology, advertising and more, The Orchard has grown from a storefront office on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to more than 25 offices around the globe. Just twenty years young, we are proud to call ourselves the industry’s leading independent music distributor and among the fastest growing distributors of independent films. Most importantly, we are thankful for the tight-knit family of employees that have made every success possible.


Welcome, Meredith!

Introducing Meredith Nadeau, Manager, Corporate Marketing

Before joining The Orchard I worked previously as the Office Coordinator at Wind-up Records after a stint in cable advertising at NCC Media. In my heyday as a Hofstra University student I interned within the Sony Music Entertainment college marketing department, worked as the ‘stache Media Alt rep in Long Island and hosted a number of incredible shows with Hofstra Concerts.


6 Keys To Enhance Your Instagram Content

InstalogoWe all know the key to Instagram is an engaging composition that tells a story but, beyond the basics, how can we make our content stand out amongst a constantly changing sea of posts?

Here are six easy steps within Instagram to instakick any post up a notch:


When taking a photo your hands are no tripod, and a slanted photo can be unpleasant to the eye. With a slight move in the Adjustment edit you can make sure your images are completely straight and centered. Breaking into three grid levels, Adjustment lets you get as drastic as you need from slight shifts to full twists.